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Q. Do we need to meet in person, or can we work on this project using email?
Established customers can provide a project brief in writing, by email, over the phone, any way you
like. With larger projects however, or with new customers, we try to have a face to face meeting if
possible -- that way we can get to know you, fully understand your requirements and resolve any
potential issues on the spot. Obviously if you’re quite a distance away this won’t be possible. Once
we’ve worked together on a project, and we have a good understanding of your design needs, most
other work can be arranged by correspondence.

You’re more than welcome to contact us prior to sending a brief. We can discuss some of the details
over the phone or by email -- it might give you some extra ideas when preparing your brief.

Q. What information do I need to provide in the design brief?
Have a look here. Feel free to use this document as a basis for your brief. If you want to add extra
information, you’re more than welcome. Some of the information you might need to think about, or
we can discuss it during a briefing session. Ultimately, the more we learn about you and your
business/organisation, the better we can help you.

Q. Is it OK if I am from interstate?
Sure. We have clients throughout Victoria, and Australia, many of whom we never get to meet. We
can provide you with materials so that you can supply us with all the information we need. And
obviously the phone and email (and Skype) are there for us to keep in touch.

Q. Do you take on overseas customers?
We currently work with organisations Australia-wide. However, we're not averse to working with
people outside Australia.

Q. I haven’t used a graphic designer before. I have a new business and don’t know what
to do next.
Assuming you’ll take care of the business side of things (ABN, business name, etc) we can help you
with developing a brand and visual identity for your business. Many people think a brand is just their
logo, but it’s a lot more than that. Brand can be considered the overall image, or “personality”, of your
business and product. Your visual identity -- made up of many elements such as logo, stationery,
brochures, product packaging -- can be considered the “face” of your business. The logo is just one
element of this; a readily identifiable brand mark. Think tattoo or nose piercing.

Q. How long does it take to design and print my materials?
Insert your own reference to string length here. It really depends on what your needs are, and the
amount of work to be done. Some projects require a large number of materials to be created, others
are quite simple. Projects requiring the use of specialty input, such as photography, illustration, copy-
writing or translation for example, will obviously take longer. During the design briefing, we look at
your needs and determine a rough estimate of timelines. Printers can usually turn jobs around fairly
quickly, but how long still depends on a number of factors such as ink drying times, number of colours,
type of paper, binding.

As the project develops, we are able to firm up the timelines and give you a better idea of the
completion date. If you have a specific deadline at the briefing, we will factor in some padding and
perhaps reduce the scope of your project, to ensure your deadline is met.

Q. What is ‘Concept Development’?
As graphic designers, we combine our own research with the ideas and content supplied by our clients
and turn it into effective communication materials. At the start of the design process, we explore
various possible solutions by putting together a number of different designs. The customer can then
provide feedback on which design(s) they prefer, which is then developed into the final product.

Q. It took longer to produce the brochure than you estimated. Why?
The time and cost estimate we provide is based on the information you gave us in the briefing
meeting, and on you providing images and the finalised text in a timely manner, in an appropriate
format. Time and cost changes can occur if we need to heavily edit images, or if the text is
significantly changed after typesetting has been done. Experienced customers are often able to reduce
their costs and waiting time, because they have learnt the value of providing materials quickly and in a
suitable manner.

Q. Do you send me proofs during the design stages?
Yes, we will send you PDF proofs of the work, for you to assess and provide feedback. During the
early roughing-out stages, the proofs should be considered very rough, and in no way indicative of the
final product. During the final stages, we will expect you to assess the proofs carefully (with our
guidance, of course) in order to provide approval for completion of the work.

Q. Will the colours in my proofs appear correct on my computer screen?
Probably not exactly, unless you regularly colour-calibrate your monitor -- like we do at Grassroots
Design. The colours you see will be a rough indication of the final result. If Pantone inks are used on
the job (similar to coloured paint in a tin, rather than a blend of CMYK inks on paper) we can show
you a swatch of each specific colour used.

Q. What is CMYK?
CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow, and key, or black. These are the four colours of ink used in
the traditional method of printing, called offset printing. These four inks can be mixed on paper to
form all the colours on your artwork.

Q. How does your payment structure work?
After receiving the brief, we will provide an estimate of the graphic design cost to complete the
project. The quoted cost is an estimation only, as the customer’s brief can (and often does) change
during the design process, or unexpected issues can arise that may have cost implications. Of course,
if the project comes in under the quote (which it often does) it works in your favour as well. We will
also provide estimates from external service providers, such as copy writers, photographers and
printers. (These external costs are generally out of our control, and will need to be paid directly to the
service provider in question.)

Prior to the Concept Development stage proceeding, Grassroots Design requires an initial deposit
equal to 50% of the estimated graphic design costs. Once the artwork is finalised and approved by the
customer, the balance of costs are required to be paid, prior to release of the artwork to the

Q. How can I pay you?
We prefer direct deposit to our bank account, but are happy to accept bank cheques. Personal and
business cheques are accepted by prior arrangement only.

Q. I have created my own artwork and would like to get it printed. Can you help?
Sure. We will accept artwork created using Adobe Creative Suite. We will need to check the artwork
for print-worthiness, though. If any corrections are required, we will charge an hourly rate. Artwork
created in any other format will need to be re-worked for Creative Suite, also at an hourly rate.

We’re more than happy to offer suggestions for your artwork, if you’d like. One thing we won’t do,
though, is accept responsibility for any artwork that contains unauthorised images, breaches copyright,
or has been plagiarised.

The printing process is performed by an external service provider, with Grassroots Design acting as an
intermediary between the customer and printer. As the customer, you will be responsible for
reviewing and signing off all proofs provided by the printer. We are happy to review the artwork with
respect to print and colour quality, in an advisory capacity only. We will pass on any costs associated
with this, such as travel to/from the printers, or courier’s fees. You can request in writing for
Grassroots Design to perform all reviews and approvals of the printing process.

Grassroots Design will not be held responsible for any errors in the printed product.

If you have any other questions that haven't been covered here, just drop us a line.
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