Why choose Grassroots Design?

Quality service

Grassroots Design’s cardinal rules for quality service:

We always listen to our customers

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Prior to meeting, we encourage our customers to write a short brief, to help focus their request.
During the meeting, we let the customer do the talking -- about themselves, their design needs.
We provide feedback to seek clarification, suggest alternatives, educate as required.
We summarise discussions and conclusions, to ensure clarity and agreement.
Throughout the entire design process we listen to feedback and implement as agreed.

We always put the customer first

We include the customer in the design process, from start to finish.
We seek to educate and encourage the customer to learn from the experience.
We refer back to the customer’s brief at all times.
We discuss requested changes, to ensure the customer is aware of unanticipated delays or costs.
The customer’s budget is treated as if it is our own.
We provide quotes, and keep customers apprised of unexpected costs.
We create a design that is both affordable and effective.
We work within pre-existing branding guidelines at all times.
We don’t follow the latest fads, but rather look for the best solution.
Everything we do is made transparent to the customer.

We always focus on being prompt

We respond immediately to any customer communications.
We break projects down into key steps with milestones.
We keep to project timelines.
We seek to resolve any delays immediately.
We follow up customers and suppliers as required.
Good communication is considered essential to maintaining timelines.

We always focus on quality

We use industry-standard software, efficiently and effectively.
We maintain hardware to high standards, and ensure data security.
All artwork is produced to high pre-press standards.
We use quality systems to ensure the integrity of customer artwork.
We only work with proven, quality service providers.
We provide training where needed.
We respond to all feedback and implement as required.
We ‘fess up if there’s a cock-up.
We follow up with the customer.
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Grassroots Design - why we wear glasses
Having known Grassroots Design
for a number of years, I have
experienced their dedication,
professionalism and design
knowledge first-hand.

The way they provided assistance
with fundraising materials for the
Sir Edward Dunlop Medical
Research Foundation, I heartily
recommend Grassroots Design to
prospective clients who are
looking for excellent and
outstanding service.

Ken Smith, OAM (Medal of the Order of Australia),
KSJ (Knights of St John of Jerusalem)