Why choose Grassroots Design?

Quality artwork

At Grassroots Design, we have the knowledge and experience
to produce high quality print-ready artwork able to be used for
either offset or digital printing. With quick turnaround times.
With a minimum of fuss.
Grassroots Design sample image Grassroots Design sample image Grassroots Design sample image Grassroots Design sample image Grassroots Design sample image Grassroots Design sample image Grassroots Design sample image Grassroots Design sample image

Some things to consider:

Our designs are created using Adobe Creative Suite, the industry standard. There are
many benefits of using one software package for editing photos, creating vector images and laying
out pages, rather than software from a number of companies. For example, it allows us to link
Photoshop files to our InDesign files, rather than saving images in EPS format. The benefit?
InDesign honours the transparency effects in Photoshop files, and also clipping paths, spot colours,
alpha channels, duotone colours and vector information. Try doing that with EPS files. It also
means we save time and confusion by not having multiple formats of the same image.
We use the correct application for the job. InDesign for documents, Illustrator for vector
artwork and small amounts of text, Photoshop for images. We won’t design your logo using
Photoshop, so it can be scaled up when you need it displayed on the side of a bus...
Our monitors are colour calibrated, to ensure that what we see onscreen is a more accurate
portrayal of how things will appear in print.
We communicate closely with our printers, using colour settings in our software that are
specific for their presses. This ensures that any colours, and most importantly those specific to your
brand identity, print accurately.
To protect you, we ensure that any images you provide have been checked as being
legally acceptable for use. Images must be owned by the customer, or written permission
provided for their use. People who can be identified in photos need to give written release for their
image to be shown, as do property owners if the photos were taken on private property. Brand
marks of other companies and organisations should also be avoided or obscured. Sounds daunting?
Not really -- we can provide a release form for you to use.
Your logo will never be designed using clipart, so you can be assured of it being unique to
your branding. We will never “create” your logo by crowdsourcing free online design competitions.
We ensure that typefaces and logo usage correlate with the specifications outlined in
your organisation’s branding style guide. Meaning that all your materials will be branded
We won’t lay out your text in rich black, or reverse small serif typefaces into CMYK
backgrounds. Which means you won't get blurry text like that found on el cheapo print jobs.
We insist on manually pre-flighting artwork, as well as using Adobe InDesign’s inbuilt
pre-flight application. We also check over your copy and flag any spelling and grammatical
errors we discover. We do not correct copy ourselves without informing you, unless requested to
do so.
We use custom spot colours to mark out die-cut and fold lines, embossing/debossing
and UV-coating areas. These are simply added as non-printing separations to the press-quality
PDFs we provide to our printers.
Did someone say PDF? Yes, PDF is the best way to provide artwork to printers. Of
course, not those fuzzy low resolution PDFs that your word processor uses, but rather high quality
PDFs that can be used to print the finest designs. With PDF, there is no need to supply fonts to
printers, no need to convert all live text to non-editable vectors, no need to try sending all those
high resolution files. And so many more benefits...
We also expect our external service providers, such as illustrators and photographers,
to produce artwork that is to our standards. And that always happens, because we work
with trusted professionals.
We work with one of the country’s top state-of-the-art printers, as well as local printers,
to ensure you get a quality print job, quickly, at a great price.
Armed with samples from all the major paper suppliers, we can show you through a
range of paper stocks, showing varying weights/thicknesses, colours, textures, coatings. We will
provide advice on which stocks are most suitable for your project.
Although we’re happy for you to own the artwork, we will keep copies of it on file. This
ensures that all your files are stored in one place -- ready for revisions, or to be used in your next
We don’t expect you to understand all of this, or even care about it. Just rest assured
that we do -- and that means your artwork will be right first time, so you can meet
your deadlines.
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We work with some
of the country's top
printers, as well as
local printers, to
ensure you get a
quality job, quickly,
at a great price.