Why choose Grassroots Design?

Our plain-English terms & conditions -- transparent

and fair for everyone.

Because graphic design is such an interactive process, most
designers have terms and conditions to help customers
understand their rights and obligations, and to protect both
parties’ interests. Like any other business, you’ll find that graphic
designers don’t like to see their time and effort go to waste. And
they like being paid. And they like having happy customers who
come back.

Grassroots Design is no different in that respect. However, we insist on having easy-to-read and easy-
to-understand terms and conditions, so you don’t need a lawyer or hours of free time to go over them.

These terms and conditions must be agreed to by both the customer and Grassroots Design before
any work can proceed. As per our policy of complete transparency, these terms are shown here:


After conducting a briefing with the customer, an estimate of the cost and time to perform the work
will be provided for the customer’s review. As well as the estimate for the graphic design
component of the work, Grassroots Design will source estimates from external parties for any work
to be prepared (such as photography, printing, etc).

The estimate is just that -- an estimate. It is possible for the final cost to differ from the estimated
cost and time -- either by more or less. Variations are usually due to the customer’s requirements
changing; this can be minimised by the customer providing as much accurate information as possible
during the planning stages. Grassroots Design is not responsible for the accuracy of quotations /
estimates provided by external providers.

Estimates for the graphic design work are valid for 30 days from the date provided. External service
providers may have different terms and conditions.

Work will begin once:
Grassroots Design sample image Grassroots Design sample image Grassroots Design sample image Grassroots Design sample image Grassroots Design sample image Grassroots Design sample image Grassroots Design sample image Grassroots Design sample image


Prior to work (concept development) commencing, Grassroots Design requires an initial deposit equal
to 50% of the estimated graphic design costs.


In the event of a cancellation once work is underway, a portion of the initial deposit may be retained
by Grassroots Design as a cancellation fee. This will range from 50% to 100% of the initial
deposit, depending on the amount of work conducted up to that point. No artwork or other materials
will be provided to the customer in the event of a cancellation.

Customer-supplied information

Information supplied by the customer, such as copy (the text), should be saved as either a Microsoft
Word file (.doc, .docx), or as a text file (.txt). Images / photos should be of sufficient size and
resolution (300ppi) for print use. We can assist with this prior to the files being provided to Grassroots
Design. Logos, emblems and other illustrations should be provided in vector (scalable) format, as
Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or PDF files.

Any editing of materials that haven't been supplied correctly will be charged at the maximum hourly

Ownership of supplied materials

Any images provided by the customer must be legally acceptable for use. Images must be owned by
the customer, or written permission provided for their use. People who can be identified in photos
need to give written release for their image to be shown, as do property owners if the photos were
taken on private property. Images must not be plagiarised, and brand marks of other companies and
organisations should also be avoided or obscured. Grassroots Design can provide a release form for
this purpose.

Stock images

The customer will pay the cost of any stock images used by Grassroots Design, unless agreed
otherwise in writing. For any stock image combination greater than $100 in value, Grassroots Design
will notify the customer of the need to use stock images prior to making any purchases.

Requests for change to brief

Any requests by the customer for changes to the brief must be sent in writing (including email). Verbal
requests must be backed up in writing, outlining the requested changes discussed and agreed upon.

Requests for change may require the need for the project to be re-estimated. Alternatively, the
customer may agree to be billed for this work at an hourly rate.


To ensure well-finished artwork, Grassroots Design provides two rounds of reviews and revisions of
the artwork as part of the design process. It is the customer’s responsibility to carefully review and
give feedback on any draft materials provided by Grassroots Design. The PDF proofs we provide may
not be completely accurate for colour, due to the variation in output of computer monitors. We are
happy to provide advice regarding colour when you are reviewing the materials.

Additional changes and corrections above the standard number of rounds are at the discretion of
Grassroots Design, and may incur the maximum hourly charge.

Artwork errors

Once the customer has signed for final approval of the artwork, Grassroots Design is no longer
responsible for correcting any errors discovered. The customer is solely responsible for errors missed
during their proofing round/s. Additional corrections to approved artwork are at the discretion of
Grassroots Design, and may incur the maximum hourly charge.

Approval and release of artwork

Once the artwork is finalised, a sign-off is required to release artwork to the customer, or for output
to media, such as printing. Prior to release of artwork, the balance of all costs are required to be paid.

Upon release to the customer, any artwork produced solely by Grassroots Design is considered the
property of the customer. Artwork elements created by external service providers (such as
photographs, illustrations) may be subject to copyright restrictions, and will need to be cleared with
the respective owners.

Grassroots Design will endeavour to maintain a copy of the customer’s artwork, however the customer
is ultimately responsible for safe archive of the files. Grassroots Design will supply final artwork at the
customer’s request, either on CD, DVD or by electronic means (email, FTP) as possible. Transfer of
large quantities of data will only be made with provision of an appropriate storage device (such as
USB drive or external USB hard drive) by the customer.

Final payment

Once the artwork is finalised and approved by the customer, the balance of costs are required to be
paid prior to release of the artwork to the customer; or for output to media, such as printing. This
includes any payments that need to be made directly to external service providers.

Payment methods

Payment can be made via direct deposit to the Grassroots Design bank account. We will also accept
bank cheques. Personal and business cheques are accepted by prior arrangement only.


The printing process is performed by an external service provider, by arrangement between the
customer and printer. Grassroots Design will act as an intermediary in this process, if required, but is
in no way responsible for the final appearance or cost of the printing product.

The customer is responsible for reviewing and signing off all proofs provided by the printer.
Grassroots Design is happy to review the artwork with respect to print and colour quality, in an
advisory capacity only. Grassroots Design may pass on any costs associated with this, such as travel
to/from the printers, or courier’s fees.

The customer may request in writing for Grassroots Design to perform all reviews and approvals of
the printing process. However, Grassroots Design will not be held responsible for any errors in the
printed product.

The customer should be aware that printed colours can vary from print run to print run. Grassroots
Design endeavours to minimise this by working only with printing companies that have highly
controlled and reproducible printing processes.

Design Credit

Unless otherwise agreed to, Grassroots Design has the right to display samples of the customer’s
artwork on the Grassroots Design website, for marketing purposes. Artwork will not be added to the
website until after the customer has released the materials to the public.


Any personal or confidential information provided to Grassroots Design will not be released, sold or
rented to any businesses or individuals. As required, Grassroots Design will enter into Non-disclosure
Agreements with the customer. In the event that external service providers are utilised, Grassroots
Design will disclose the minimum information required for work to proceed, and only with the
customer’s written consent.


The Grassroots Design website and business materials, including all associated images, text, graphic
and logos are subject to copyright and are wholly owned and reserved by Grassroots Design. All
designs are original to Grassroots Design and are protected by copyright law. It is an offense to steal
in whole or in part any of the designs, layout, copy or images created by Grassroots Design.

Tell Others

If you're happy with our work, please tell others (we definitely recommend some of our customers'
products to others). If you're unhappy, please tell us first, so that we can understand the problem and
look to rectify it.

Finally, revel in your new purchase. Display it, talk about it, distribute it. Feel proud that you've helped
to create something of value and use. Most of all, make it work towards increasing your success.
the estimate has been reviewed by the customer,
both the estimate and terms & conditions have been agreed to in writing, and
a deposit has been paid.
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Revel in your new
purchase. Display it,
talk about it,
distribute it. Feel
proud that you've
created something of
value and use. Most
of all, make it work
towards increasing
your success.