Why choose Grassroots Design?

Our design process

At Grassroots Design, we’re extremely proud of our inclusive
processes. No matter who our customer is, or their design
needs, we ensure that they are included in the entire process -
and are allowed to feel a genuine sense of ownership of the
final product.

We recognise that you the customer -- running your successful business or organisation -- will
usually have a fairly good idea of what you need, and how it should be presented to your target
audience. The role of Grassroots Design is to empower you by providing our creativity, knowledge
and experience in graphic design to help achieve a solution to your communication needs. For
those just starting out in business, you still have a lot of knowledge and opinion to contribute, and
Grassroots Design will help all the more to combine your ideas into an effective brand and
marketing materials.

The design process at Grassroots Design is quite straightforward:

Step 1. The Brief

The “brief” is just industry jargon for telling us what your needs are, with some detail. You can
provide a brief in writing, by email, over the phone, or in person. With larger projects, or with
new customers, we try to have a face to face meeting as well, to ensure we fully understand your
requirements, and resolve any potential issues on the spot. And it’s a great way for us all to
confirm that the other party is not just some overseas money-laundering scam…

During the briefing, we try to learn as much about you and your graphic design needs as we can -
- the more we learn, the more material we have to create a design solution unique to you. In a
way, “brief” is actually misleading -- it’s in both our interests if the brief is quite detailed. Don’t
worry though -- we ask lots of questions and take lots of notes, so an essay isn’t required. Prior to
the briefing, most customers spend time making notes about their needs, their preferred look and
feel of the materials produced, and collecting examples that will help to explain what they want.
We find this to be quite worthwhile, and encourage all customers to do this. We can even provide
a questionnaire/checklist to help with this process.

Information and materials that we will want to gather from the brief includes:
Grassroots Design sample image Grassroots Design sample image Grassroots Design sample image Grassroots Design sample image Grassroots Design sample image Grassroots Design sample image Grassroots Design sample image Grassroots Design sample image
You can help us help you by giving consideration to these points prior to the briefing.

Step 2. The Estimate

The “estimate” is a summary of the tasks required for us to perform the work, including an estimate
of both the time and cost involved. We will also provide estimates from external service providers,
such as copy-writers, photographers and printers. The quoted cost is an estimation only, as the
customer’s brief can (and often does) change during the design process, or unexpected issues can
arise that may have cost implications. Of course, if the project comes in under the estimate (which it
often does) it works in your favour as well.

Depending on the size and complexity of the project, we may be able to provide you with an estimate
on the spot, or within 1-2 days. In our experience, the estimated value is usually a fairly reliable
indicator of the final cost.

Step 3. Concept Development

At this stage, we use the information from the brief to develop some rough ideas about a possible
design solution. As required, we conduct research into aspects such as the audience, the message,
the look and feel, and the methods and media that may be used.

We will provide a range of design options for you to evaluate. Working together, we will assess these
options and determine a course of actions to develop and implement a product.

Prior to this stage proceeding, Grassroots Design requires an initial deposit equal to 50% of the
estimated graphic design costs.

Step 4. Artwork Creation
Having determined a suitable graphic design solution, we develop the artwork for this in detail, using
all the information you have supplied. All text for the project must be finalised and approved prior to
this stage proceeding.

Step 5. Final Revisions

In a consultative process, we provide a couple of rounds of reviews and revisions to ensure that the
product meets your approval. Once the artwork is finalised, a final proof and approval form will be
provided -- a sign-off is required to release artwork to the customer, or for output to media, such as
printing. After this, any further requested changes will be charged at the maximum hourly rate.

Prior to release of artwork, the balance of costs need to be paid, including payments directly to any
external service providers.

Step 6. Printing

A print-quality copy of the artwork will be provided to the printer. In the event that the printer needs to
revise the quote, we will pass this on to you immediately. A quotation change will usually only occur if
the printing specifications of the final artwork differ significantly from the original brief.

The artwork will be prepared for printing, and high quality proofs provided for your review. Don’t
worry, we will assist you in reviewing the printer’s proofs, with Grassroots Design checking the proofs
for any printing / colour issues, and you checking that the overall appearance and content is correct. It
is important to be aware that any changes to the artwork at this stage usually attract a fee from the

After signing off on the proofs, the printer will roll the presses, and it’s simply a matter of waiting for
the final product to turn up on your doorstep! And if you’re interested, we might even be able to visit
the facility to watch your product roll off the press…
About you, your business or organisation.
product, service, information being communicated.
history of product, service, organisation.
current and future goals.
target audience / market.
how you wish to be portrayed (branding).
existing branding and materials (both printed and electronic) including style guide.
photos of offices, people, products, etc.
What you want Grassroots Design to produce for you, and why.
The message you believe needs to be communicated.
Media type (brochure, banner, business card, etc) and quantities.
Anticipated budget.
Samples of materials you feel suit your needs. Examples of colours, type, images, websites, what you don’t like; anything that creates a visual example.
Samples of any competitor’s materials.
Any artwork requirements if submitting artwork to a newspaper, journal or magazine.
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